Why Scott’s Security Consulting?

In an era of heightened crime, security awareness has played a vital role in the growth, safety and sustainability of businesses around the world. Our vision is to share alternative measures to help identify security gaps and weaknesses that can leave you or your business vulnerable to crime risks.

Comprehensive Threat Assessment

During a comprehensive threat assessment, we come out to your location and review security disparities and deficiencies in your business, house of worship, schools or any other type of building. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your entire property to assess all vulnerabilities.

Physical Security Assessment

Our physical security assessment is an on-site review which includes crime statistics, recommendations for security enhancements that are specific to your needs and area. Your security is viewed from every angle to ensure that we can provide the best consultation for your needs.

New Construction Consulting

As a proactive strategy don’t wait until construction is completed to have your plans reviewed. Take care of security threats before they ever become an issue! Have your architectural drawings reviewed and receive your CPTED stamp of approval to prevent security vulnerabilities on your new construction project.


Crime Prevention Training

There’s no shortage of stories in the news about coworkers coming back to harm businesses that have recently let them go. It’s something that every business owner fears. We offer on-location workshop training for individuals, groups or businesses to help identify these risk factors and how to react if it ever happens. These workshops include Workforce Violence and Sign Recognition, Active Shooter, Run-Hide-Fight, or Safe Homes for Realtors. Learn what’s the best strategy in a variety of situations to ensure that you’ll be safe if the worst happens.