Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell residential and commercial security alarm systems?

Scott’s security consulting strictly provides consulting services; We do not sell security systems. Our primary goal is to answer two basic questions. “Is my business secured?” and “if not, what can I do to secure it?”

What is included in a site review?

A standard site review includes an in-person inspection with a brief hardcopy report on the security threats and vulnerabilities observed. If you are in need of a more in-depth solution then you should request a Physical Security Assessment for your business.

Do you offer security site inspections on residential properties?
Our primary focus is commercial properties, houses of worship and new constructions. However, feel free to call us to discuss your residential needs and determine if we may be of assistance.
Do you offer training for small groups and organizations?
Scott’s Security Consulting is equipped to provide training services such as Workforce Violence and Sign Recognition, Active Shooter, Run-Hide-Fight and Safe Homes for Realtors to small groups, sororities & fraternities, realtor associations, homeowners associations, property managers and any other group in need of security consultations and training. Contact us to schedule your workshop training.